House Of Noizz - The Voice Of Metal Resistance. Max and Brendon spin the latest and greatest Metal as well as the good old classics. The show is available as a podcast so you can subscribe on iTunes or just come on over to and hear the latest show whenever or wherever you are in the world. A new show is available every Thursday night at around 9PM and we also announce this on our Facebook page ( Stay Heavy, Stay True! \m/

26 January 2012

House Of Noizz Playlist for 27/01/2012

GAMMA RAY - Heaven Can Wait
CELTIC FROST - Mesmerized
DOKKEN - Night Rider
BEHEMOTH - Alas, The Lord Is Upon Me
EXTREME - Get The Funk Out
BRIAN POSEHN - More Metal Than You*
MANOWAR - Hail And Kill*
TOM ANGELRIPPER - Kreuzberger Nachte*
BOURBON CROW - In The Mood For A Drinking Song*
*Web Only Track

20 January 2012

House Of Noizz Playlist for 20/01/2012

***House Of Noizz Internet Edition  cancelled this week due to technical error***
Hopefully back online next week.

You can still check out last week's show, now streaming.

Or catch us tonight (Friday 20 January 2012) at 10:05PM NZ Time on Planet 104.6FM Auckland wide, and streaming live on the web here

Also, you can check out the radio edition available from 11PM tonight here

House Of Noizz Playlist for 20/01/2012

LORDI - Who's Your Daddy?
RAZORWYRE - Suspiria
ACCEPT - Balls To The Wall
MISFITS - Living Hell
KING DIAMOND - Dressed In White
MELIAH RAGE - Beginning Of The End
SLAYER - Disciple*
VAIN - Triple X*
CANDLEMASS - Solitude*
GALNERIUS - The Time Has Come*
HAMMERFALL - Any Means Necessary*
GHOST - Con Clavi Con Dio*
DEICIDE - Blame It On God*
BULLETBOYS - Can I Show You*

* Internet Edition Bonus Track

13 January 2012

House Of Noizz - 13/01/2012

BATTLE BEAST - Enter The Metal World
MOTORHEAD - Too Good To Be True
ALICE COOPER - Vengeance Is Mine
FINNTROLL - Rivfader
LORDI - Granny's Gone Crazy
T.O.C. - Mary Lou Is Dead
DRAGONFORCE - Heartbreak Armageddon*
CRUACHAN - I Am Warrior*
KISS - I Stole Your Love*
FATES WARNING - Silent Cries*
VINCE NEIL - Viva Las Vegas*
TWISTED SISTER - I Want This Night (To Last Forever)*
(* = web only bonus tracks)

05 January 2012

New show for 6 January 2012

New House Of Noizz up and streaming on demand NOW!!! New tracks from BATTLE BEAST and STEEL PANTHER, plus songs from CANDLEMASS, MANOWAR, MOTLEY CRUE, BATHORY, AMORPHIS, CRAFT, TESTAMENT, and MORE!