House Of Noizz - The Voice Of Metal Resistance. Max and Brendon spin the latest and greatest Metal as well as the good old classics. We broadcast on live every Thursday night from 7PM. We also record the show and make it available as a podcast so you can subscribe on iTunes or just come on over to and hear the latest show whenever or wherever you are in the world. Stay Heavy, Stay True! \m/

24 July 2014

House Of Noizz 24/07/2014

Latest show up now!

17 July 2014

House Of Noizz - 17/07/2014

No House Of Noizz show tonight. Never mind though aye because we have talked about it and decided we might do a show next week instead, so that's somewhat of a consolation don't you think? We think so. Have a pleasant evening. Fuck yeah.

10 July 2014

House Of Noizz - 10/07/2014

The latest show from 10/07/2014 is up now for your listening pleasure!

26 June 2014

House Of Noizz - 26/06/2014

This week's show is up now. Featuring Biohazard, Masterplan, Amorphis, Megadeth, Blackmore's Night, W.A.S.P., Rage, Circle 2 Circle, and Manowar. Get into it!!!

19 June 2014

House Of Noizz - 19/06/2014

On the latest show we kick it off with an Iron Maiden great. Also some brand new Arch Enemy with their new replacement on vocals, classic King Diamond, Body Count's Ice T tells us on his new album about how he has 99 problems but... Then Clawfinger makes a statement on racism that can be taken the wrong way unless you listen carefully. Timo Tolkki's Avalon has been released so we hear a track belted out by Fabio Lione of Rhapsody fame. In the singer showdown it's Michael Kiske vs Ralf Scheepers, and we close with Mandatory Manowar.

12 June 2014

House Of Noizz - 12/06/2014

This week we drop some classic Body Count. Also Texas Hippie Coalition, Sepultura (in recognition of their upcoming NZ visit), brand new Tankard, Rob Halford goes up against Joacim Cans in our singer showdown where both men perform a classic Rainbow track, some Cradle Of Filth from way, way back before their first album, a bit of rock n' roll from Ramones and Blind Guardian, Mandatory Manowar and Hardcore Superstar.